Top Fast Cash Pawn Items

December 22, 2020
Top Fast Cash Pawn Items

Millions of people use pawn shops to obtain quick cash or to simply declutter an area in your home or office. The top fast cash pawn items accepted can vary widely, provided they are in acceptable condition.

Getting a loan using your personal possessions as collateral is a great way to put cash in your pocket. If it’s an item you would like to keep, the pawn shop will provide a loan on the item, so when you repay it, you can take your item back. Lending Bear is one of the highest rated fast cash pawn businesses in the Southeast.

Top Fast Cash Pawn Items

There are many different types of items accepted at a pawn shop, but the list to follow is some of the more popular items. These items, in good condition, will generally fetch a little more money due to the demand for the merchandise at the store.


Quality jewelry is always a good choice and always welcome at a pawnbroker. Diamonds, semi-precious stones, gold, silver, watches, rings, necklaces and bracelets will all provide the potential for a fair amount of money in return.


This covers a lot of ground. Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, stereo equipment, MP3 players, laptops, flat-screen TVs, computers, karaoke machines are all great items to pawn.

Power Tools

If you can part with your power tools for a while, you can also get a good deal on them. Even older ones you aren’t using can fetch a decent price. Include saws, drills, nail guns, air compressors, as well as regular tools in good shape.

Photography Equipment

Digital or regular camera, camera accessories like lenses and tripods, and include lights, light meters, protective carry bags, and anything else related to photography.

Musical Instruments

Take in any kind of musical instrument you have around the home. Electric keyboards, guitars, saxophones, trumpets, drum kits, amps, and anything else you have that is portable.

Video Games

Popular video games and their consoles are also welcome items. Newer games and older ones may be worth something towards your loan.

Sporting Equipment

This could include bikes, sporting gear like hockey equipment, scuba diving gear, cleats, skates, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and many other items.

Lawn Equipment

Lawnmowers, chain saws, tree trimmers, and any other type of tools not mentioned in the power tools section. All of these items have value.


Guns are also worth quite a bit, whether they are handguns, rifles, or even antique guns. If you have a collection of them, it might be worth checking to see their loan value.

It is a good idea to call first, as some places may not accept them. You should also never walk into a store with a loaded gun. If you have a case, bring it inside the case.


You may have some nice antiques around the home, like small pieces of furniture, artwork, dishes, porcelain, old coins, even designer clothing and expensive handbags, and many other items that may turn out to be of value.

Lending Bear

Lending Bear makes it easy for you to get a pawn loan. Lending Bear always provides our best offer up front so there is never a need to haggle or bargain at the counter. Our goal is to provide you a good deal on your items so you’re happy.

We want the pawn process to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Lending Bear has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a proud member of the National Pawnbrokers Association.

Why not contact us today and find out more about your items to secure the loan you need today.