Perks of Using Installment Loans in Alabama

Perks of Using Installment Loans in Alabama

Lending Bear wants to show you how easy and effective it is to obtain installment loans in Alabama. There are many perks and advantages to doing this. We’re a licensed loan provider in several states across the southeast and Alabama happens to be one of our busiest markets.

Continue reading to discover why our friends in Alabama find installment loans to be such a practical solution for many financial needs.

How to Get Installment Loans in Alabama

Installment loans in Alabama are easy to understand and obtaining one is pretty straightforward. An Alabama installment loan breaks your total finance charges into smaller, monthly payments that last for a longer-term than some of our payday loan options. So, while payday loans are great for borrowers who have no trouble paying them back quickly, installment plans are great if you have any doubt about the repayment process.

Here’s an example of how a small installment loan might work for someone in Alabama specifically. If you took out a $200 loan, it would come with a $68 service charge, last for four months, for a total cost of $268. The service rate is a little higher than payday loans, but you have four months to pay it off in increments less than $70.

Perks of Using Installment Loans In Alabama

There are many benefits to getting an installment loan, but here are some of the most important considerations:

  1. It’s an easy way to get a quick lump sum of cash.
  2. You can sometimes get more cash than you would with a credit card.
  3. Obtaining an installment loan is much faster than traditional credit lines.
  4. You don’t need to pay them back as soon as you would with other credit sources.
  5. They’re obtainable even with a lower credit score.
  6. Repaying them over a longer stretch is a good way to help your alternative credit by slowly building a new reputation for small, consistent, on-time payments.

Installment Loan: Effective Alternative to Credit Cards

You may be debating whether to go with either an installment loan or a credit card. This is a good thing to mull over carefully because they have specific advantages depending on what you really need. Lending Bear encourages the use of installment loans for individuals who need help with sudden emergency expenses. This could be anything like:

  • Serious car repairs
  • Big medical bills for emergency room visits or medications
  • Covering a gap in insurance in the event of an expensive claim
  • . . . and many other similar circumstances.

While a credit card may be a decent choice if you can pay it off every month. Some of our customers prefer a product that they can pay over longer periods without accruing too much interest. Credit cards are not the best option if you wait too long to pay them because they often have higher interest rates.

Getting an Installment Loan from Lending Bear

You can go online or visit one of Lending Bear’s 22 locations if you want fast cash. Whether you’re in Alabama or Florida, you’ll find quick and convenient ways to access installment loans, payday loans, and pawn loans. These options are viable, safe, and routinely help many individuals handle short-term budget crunches.

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We got this way by providing people like yourself with fast, convenient, low-hassle loans with exemplary customer service.

If you’re ready to obtain a safe, secure, and reliable installment loan in Alabama, we encourage you to contact us at any time to learn more.