How Does a Cash Loan Work?⁣

How Does a Cash Loan Work?⁣

How does a cash loan work when you’re trying to solve immediate financial problems like a broken car or hospital bill? Common sense says you should know the basics of the loan you purchase. Lending Bear wants to shed some light on the various cash loan programs we offer clients throughout the southern United States.

How Does a Cash Loan Work for Me?

Cash loans let you borrow money when traditional loans and other forms of financing are not available.

Do you need to pay for something like a higher utility bill?

You can use our collateralized options (pawn loans or title loans) to cover it. Then there are unsecure products like (payday loans and installment loans) to handle rainy days such as an unexpected repair on your washing machine.

Lending Bear’s Four Cash-Loan Options

Here are the four cash-loan services we offer clients in various states.

1. Payday Loans

  • Payday loans are like borrowing your paycheck early to deal with immediate financial obligations. Sometimes our clients use these cash advances to handle expenses when they’re between jobs for a few weeks.

2. Installment Loans

  • Would you like to get a quick sum of cash to respond to a problem? Of course, and it’s even better when the repayment options are flexible and allow you to pay back in smaller installments.

3. Title Loans

  • Title loans and pawn loans usually come with 7 to 31 day durations. This is where you borrow an amount equivalent to the value of the title deed (usually for a vehicle) you exchange as temporary collateral.

4. Pawn Loans

  • Pawn loans involve the items in your house that you might take to a pawnshop, only rather than selling them, you use them as collateral for credit. Popular pawn loan items include gold, electronics, firearms, laptop computers, lawn equipment, and jewelry.

Pros & Cons of Short-Term Loans

Many of our followers appreciated it when we clarified the pros and cons of short-term loans in one of our previous posts. Here’s a quick review of the benefits and disadvantages of getting a cash loan to address short-term money trouble.


  • The application process is fast and simple, allowing you access to cash within a matter of no time.
  • Your state regulates these loans carefully. Therefore, you can expect transparency, information security, and no hidden fees as long as you work with a licensed institution like Lending Bear.
  • As we mentioned before, there are plenty of ways to get a cash loan, and none of them involve lengthy credit checks. Better yet, you can have poor or zero credit and still get money without an enormous hassle.
  • If you can develop a habit of repaying these loans on time, you can actually improve a poor credit history.


  • These are for short-term use only, so you should not use them to address long-term recurring debits or other large expenses.
  • Cash loans are not low-interest loans. This means that it’s important to pay them back on time.

How Does a Cash Loan Work With a Reliable Company like Lending Bear?

There’s a big difference between getting a loan from Lending Bear versus a fly-by-night financial institution. You should always look for accreditations, licensing, and other documentation that signify professionalism and security. That’s why when you check out the various state sections on our website (like Florida), you’ll see licensing and other regulatory information.

We have accreditation with watchdog groups like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and memberships with financial trade organizations like INFiN (A Financial Services Alliance). Our customers have consistent praise for our financial products, which you can see by reviewing a few testimonials on our website.

Contact us today to find out how does a cash loan work and help you avoid financial calamity.