Getting a Pawn Loan in Florida

July 22, 2021
Getting a Pawn Loan in Florida

If you find yourself short of money when you need it most, have you considered a pawn loan in Florida? A pawn loan can be just the little boost you need when you are in a financial bind.

If you have a few items that are of value, it can be an easy and quick way to get your hands on some fast cash.

Getting a Pawn Loan in Florida

Before you apply for a pawn loan in Florida, make sure you understand what is at stake and exactly what you are getting into.


One of the biggest pros of a pawn loan in Florida is the speed with which you can receive cash in hand. Just bring in an item of value to the store which they will hold as collateral for your loan. Once you fill out the contract for the agreed upon amount, you receive your cash along with a receipt for the item.

More Options

With a pawn loan, you have plenty of options for what you can pawn. Most lenders that allow pawn loans will accept a wide variety of items. Electronics, cameras, musical instruments, jewelry, tools, bikes, and many other household items.

No Credit Check

This can be a great advantage for many people in need of some quick cash. Unlike other types of loans, the lender will not care about your credit history. The loan is based on the items you offer as collateral, so if you default on the loan, they have something to cover the cost.

Payback Period

A pawn loan does have a relatively short payback window, usually within 30 days. This is an important point to understand if you want your item back. Once you pay your loan back, they will return your item to you. If you cannot repay the loan on its due date, the lender will be forced to sell your item.


While the items you choose to use as collateral on your pawn loan are worth a lot to you, the lender is probably going to appraise them at a lower value. They will have to sell the item for a profit if the loan ends up in default, so you will have to accept a little lower value for your items.

Pawn Loans in Florida

A pawn loan can certainly be a saving grace when you are in a tight spot for some needed cash. But make sure you understand the terms of the loan before you sign away your prized possession.

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