Direct Lending Keeps Personal Information Safe.

Direct Lending Keeps Personal Information Safe.


One of the more difficult things to figure out when applying for a online payday loan is who to choose for that application. A general search for “payday loans” will provide thousands of potential websites to select for your loan. There is one very important thing to consider before providing your personal information online.

The most important part of your search is deciding how many companies you want to give access to your personal information. If you choose a non-lender marketing company, you could be providing your personal data to upwards of 20 different lenders or remarketers.

It will be sold to you as a way to get the best offer, but it’s really just a way to generate the most money off of your data. A company that doesn’t actually provide loans only has one way to make money; by selling your information to the highest bidder.

Finding a Direct Lender for your payday loan is the best way to safeguard your personal information online. Each state provides a list of licensed lenders that will allow you to apply directly on their website. By selecting a licensed lender, you also insure you’ve chosen a reputable company which is subject to state guidelines. All direct lenders will post their state license on their website so you’ll know they are an approved lender.

At Lending Bear, we take your personal information very seriously. We have multiple safeguards in place to make sure your information is safe.